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All foreign vessels entering Canadian Arctic waters should register with authorities says report by Senate Fisheries and Oceans Committee

Controlling Canadian Arctic Waters:
Role of the Canadian Coast Guard


Executive Summary
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Background on the Canadian Coast Guard
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William Rompkey, P.C.

Ethel M. Cochrane

James Cowan

Roméo Dallaire

Elizabeth Hubley

Michael L. MacDonald

Fabian Manning

Dennis Glen Patterson

Vivienne Poy

Nancy Greene Raine

Fernand Robichaud, P.C.

Charlie Watt

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Ceri Au
Communications Officer
Toll-free: 1-800-267-7362

Danielle Labonté
Committee Clerk
Toll-free: 1-800-267-7362

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Background on the study

The Committee’s interest in the Coast Guard is not new. In June 2008, the Committee tabled The Coast Guard in Canada’s Arctic, an interim report based on evidence gathered in Ottawa. The Committee also tabled Rising to the Arctic Challenge in May 2009, a report based on evidence gathered in Ottawa and in Nunavut in June 2008. The western Arctic perspective on northern issues still needed to be fully heard and considered, however.

Beginning in March 2009, in keeping with its order of reference, the Committee held public hearings in Ottawa to better understand the issues at hand. In September, the Committee held public hearings in Yellowknife and Inuvik and undertook fact-finding work in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rankin Inlet and Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, in Hay River and Inuvik, Northwest Territories, in Juneau and Sitka, Alaska and in Victoria, British Columbia.



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