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All foreign vessels entering Canadian Arctic waters should register with authorities says report by Senate Fisheries and Oceans Committee

Controlling Canadian Arctic Waters:
Role of the Canadian Coast Guard


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Background on the Canadian Coast Guard
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Background on the Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) owns and operates the federal government’s civilian fleet, and provides key maritime services to Canadians.

As a Special Operating Agency of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), the CCG helps DFO meet its responsibility to ensure safe and accessible waterways for Canadians. The CCG also plays a key role in ensuring the sustainable use and development of Canada’s oceans and waterways.

The CCG manages and operates a fleet of 116 vessels in support of:

  • CCG aids to navigation;
  • icebreaking;
  • environmental response; and
  • search and rescue.

The CCG fleet also supports DFO’s Fisheries Conservation and Protection and Marine Science programs.

The ships, ranging from search and rescue lifeboats to icebreakers, are tasked to various programs, often concurrently, and are crewed by 2400 skilled seagoing personnel. In addition, the CCG owns a fleet of 22 helicopters, operated on CCG’s behalf by Transport Canada.

The Canadian Coast Guard was created in 1962 to address the need to provide services to mariners in Canadian waters. Today, the CCG continues to play a vital role in marine safety, environmental protection and promoting maritime commerce. In addition, the CCG also plays an important support role in maritime security and Arctic sovereignty.

For more information on the Canadian Coast Guard, please visit: www.ccg-gcc.gc.ca

Source : Fisheries and Oceans Canada




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