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Senate Fisheries Committee Launches Study on Grey Seals

OTTAWA (3 November, 2011) - The Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans recently launched its study into the management of grey seals off Canada’s East Coast by hearing from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and members of the Fisheries Resource Conservation Council.

In the months ahead, the committee intends to hear from a variety of individuals and groups representing various perspectives on matters related to grey seals. The study will examine such aspects as the current state of the grey seal population and harvest, the potential impacts the growing grey seal population has on fish stocks, the proposed targeted management of grey seals, as well as markets and new product development.

To this end, the committee encourages individuals and organizations to share their views with the committee by contacting the committee clerk.

“ Coming from Atlantic Canada, I know the management of the East Coast grey seal population is an important issue to many coastal residents,” said Senator Fabian Manning, chair of the committee. “By examining the various perspectives on this issue, I hope senators on the committee and Canadians following our public hearings will get a broader understanding of the impacts of the expanding grey seal population. This is an important public policy issue for our Senate committee to study.”

“I look forward to hearing from Canadians on the management of Canada’s East Coast grey seal population,” said Senator Elizabeth Hubley, deputy chair of the committee. “Holding public hearings on this issue will enable senators and the Canadian public to gain insight from a range of individuals and organizations.”

To learn more about the Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans, please visit the committee website: http://senate-senat.ca/pofo-e.asp

Follow the Senate of Canada on Twitter @SenateCA and use the committee hashtag #POFO for updates on committee activities.

For more information:

Danielle Labonté
Committee Clerk

Ceri Au
Communications Officer

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