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Thursday, March 26, 2015
10:32 AM ET
Location: Room 160-S, Centre Block
Clerk: Mark Palmer (613) 993-9035
The issues relating to foreign relations and international trade
    Topic: Trade Promotion
    • Johane Séguin, Sector Vice President, Extractive and Resources, Extractive Group (Export Development Canada)
    • Shereen Benzvy Miller, Assistant Deputy Minister, Small Business, Tourism and Marketplace Services (Industry Canada)
    • Michel Bergeron, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs (Business Development Bank of Canada)
    • Susan Bincoletto, Assistant Deputy Minister, International Business Development and Chief Trade Commissioner (Global Affairs Canada)
    • Anthony Carty, Vice President Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer (Canadian Commercial Corporation)
    • Angela Gawel, Director General, International Region (Public Safety Canada)
    • Caitlin Imrie, Director General, Passport Operational Coordination (Public Safety Canada)
    • Robert Orr, Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations (Public Safety Canada)
    Meeting with Transcription and Interpretation