Meeting Detail

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Thursday, October 23, 2003
Partial In Camera
8:32 AM ET
Location: Room 705, Victoria Building
Clerk: Keli Hogan (613) 990-6087
Examine the issues related to the development and domestic and international marketing of value-added agricultural, agri-food and forest products
  • Lorraine Andras, Acting Executive Director (From the Internal Trade Secretariat)
  • Debra Bryanton, Executive Director, Food Safety (From the Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Paul Haddow, Executive Director, International Affairs (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Eric Johannsen, Chief, Marketing Policy (Agriculture and Agri-food Canada)
  • Ian Thomson, Director, Western Hemisphere, Trade Policy Division (From Agriculture and Agri-food Canada)
  • Steve Verheul, Chief Agriculture Negotiator (From Agriculture and Agri-food Canada)
Examine the impact of climate change on Canada’s agriculture, forests and rural communities and the potential adaptation options focusing on primary production, practices, technologies, ecosystems and other related areas
    Meeting with Transcription and Interpretation