Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples

Meeting Detail

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Wednesday, May 5, 1999
5:40 PM
Location: Room 160-S, Centre Block
Clerk: Jill Anne Joseph (613) 944-4236
Bill C-49, An Act providing for the ratification and the bringing into effect of the Framework Agreement on the First Nation Land Management
  • Mr. Bill Henderson, Legal Counsel (From the Interim Lands Advisory Board)
  • Joan McLeod, Land Manager, Nipissing No. 10 Reserve (From the District of West Nipissing)
  • Chief Austin Bear (First Nations Land Advisory Board)
  • Harold Calla, Senior Counsellor (Squamish First Nation)
  • Ms. Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay, Q.C. (Musqueam Park Leaseholders Parcel "A")
  • Robert Louie, Chair (Interim Lands Advisory Board)
  • Chief Joe Mathias, Squamish First Nation (From the Interim Lands Advisory Board)
  • William McCue, Director (Lands Advisory Board)
  • Mayor Gary O'Connor (District of West Nipissing)
  • Bill Williams, Chief of Squamish Nation (First Nations Lands Advisory Board)
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