Some reports from committees are administrative in nature. They are for the purposes of reporting past expenses, requesting powers (to travel, to televise, for example) or to request budgetary approval. Other reports reflect the decisions of the committee on the work they are doing and are more substantive in nature. These would include reports on legislation or interim and final reports on special studies.

Substantive Reports.

- Fourteenth Report: Bill C-304, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (protecting freedom), without amendment

- Thirteenth Report: The implementation of international human rights treaties

- Twelfth Report: Bill C-279, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity), without amendment

- Ninth Report: Cyberbullying Hurts: Respect for Rights in the Digital Age
       Government Response
       Youth Guide
       A Guide for Parents

- Seventh Report: Level the playing field: A natural progression from playground to podium for Canadians with disabilities

- Fifth Report: Invitation the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to appear with his officials before the committee

- Fourth Report: Bill S-2, An Act respecting family homes situated on First Nation reserves and matrimonial interests or rights in or to structures and lands situated on those reserves, with amendments.

- Third Report: The Sexual Exploitation of Children in Canada: the Need for National Action

Administrative Reports

- Eleventh Report: Special Study Budget (Study on Cyberbullying) 2013-2014

- Tenth Report: Supplementary Funds (Cyberbullying Study) 2012-2013

- Eighth Report: Special Study Budget (Cyberbullying in Canada) 2012-2013

- Sixth Report: Special Study Budget (First Nations band members who reside off-reserve) 2012-2013

- Second Report: Special Study Budget (Examination of Canada's international and national human rights obligations) 2011-2012

- First Report: Rule 104 - Expenses incurred by the committee during the Third Session of the Fortieth Parliament