Meeting Detail

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Thursday, October 23, 2003
9:48 AM ET
Location: Room 257, East Block
Clerk: Till Heyde (613) 992-5084
The current state of Canadian media industries; emerging trends and developments in these industries; the media’s role, rights, and responsibilities in Canadian society; and current and appropriate future policies relating thereto
  • Tony Burman, Editor in Chief, CBC News, Current Affairs and Newsworld, CBC Radio, TV and (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Robert Rabinovitch, President and Chief Executive Officer (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Claude Saint-Laurent, Special Advisor to the President and Chair, Journalistic Standards and Practices (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Alain Saulnier, General Director of Information, French Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Carole Taylor, Chair, Board of Directors (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
Meeting with Transcription and Interpretation