Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on
Transport and Communications

Issue 9 - Minutes of Proceedings

OTTAWA, Tuesday, February 11, 1997


The Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications met at 4:59 p.m. this day, the Deputy Chair, the Honourable Senator Lise Bacon, presiding.

Members of the committee present: The Honourable Senators Adams, Atkins, Bacon, Forestall, MacDonald (Halifax), Mercier, Poulin, Roberge and Spivak. (9)

In attendance: Matthew W. Fraser, Expert Consultant; Michel Patrice, Legislative Clerk, Committees and Private Legislation Directorate.

Also in attendance: The official reporters of the Senate.


From the University of Ottawa:

Martha Jackman, Professor.

From the Consumers' Association of Canada:

Gail Lacombe, President;

Irene Seiferling, Chair, National Board of Directors;

Rosalie Daly Todd, Executive Director and Legal Counsel.

Pursuant to the Order of Reference adopted by the Senate on Tuesday, December 3, 1996, the committee resumed consideration of Bill C-216, An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act (broadcasting policy).

Martha Jackman made a statement and answered questions.

It was agreed, -- THAT the presentation by Martha Jackman be printed as an appendix to this day's Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence. (See Appendix 5900 T1-2.35/C-216-9, "1").

The witnesses from the Consumers' Association of Canada made a statement and answered questions.

At 6:17 p.m., the committee adjourned to the call of the Chair.


Timothy Ross Wilson

Clerk of the Committee