Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on
Banking, Trade and Commerce

Issue 9 - Minutes of Proceedings

OTTAWA, Thursday, April 6, 2000


The Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce met this day at 11:00 a.m. in room 505, Victoria Building, the Chairman, the Honourable E. Leo Kolber, presiding.

Members of the committee present: The Honourable Senators Angus, Fitzpatrick, Furey, Grafstein, Hervieux-Payette, P.C., Kelleher, P.C., Kolber, Meighen, Oliver, Poulin and Tkachuk (11).

Other senator present: The Honourable Senator Bolduc (1).

In attendance: From the Parliamentary Research Branch, Library of Parliament: Mr. Marion Wrobel, Senior Analyst, Economics Division and Alexandre Laurin, Research Officer.

Also present: The official reporters of the Senate.


From the Bank of Canada:

Mr. Gordon G. Thiessen, Governor;

Mr. Malcolm Knight, Senior Deputy Governor;

Ms Sheryl Kennedy, Deputy Governor.

Pursuant to the Order of Reference adopted by the Senate on Tuesday, November 23, 1999, the committee resumed its examination into the present state of the domestic and international financial system. (See Issue No. 1, November 24, 1999, for the full text of the Order of Reference.)

Mr. Thiessen made an opening statement and then answered questions.

At 1:00 p.m., the committee adjourned to the call of the Chair.


Gary Levy

Clerk of the Committee

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