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Pursuant to the motion adopted by the Standing Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration on November 19, 2020:

That the Subcommittee on Human Resources be established and authorized to examine and report on issues related to human resources in the Senate, including on issues related to:

• the harmonization of working conditions and benefits of Senate employees, whether they work for the Administration, for a senator, or for an officer of the Senate;

• the prevention and resolution of harassment in the workplace;

• the bargaining mandates related to the negotiation of collective agreements with unions representing Senate employees;

• the options to address work-life balance; and

• the review of senate policies referred to it by the committee;

That the composition of the subcommittee be as follow: two Honorable Senators from the Independent Senators Group (ISG), one Honorable Senator from the Canadian Senators Group (CSG), one Honorable Senator from the Conservative Party of Canada and one Honourable Senator from the Progressive Senate Group (PSG);

That the subcommittee be required to report to the committee from time to time.