Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on 
Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Issue 25 - Minutes of Proceedings - May 1, 2013

OTTAWA, Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade met this day at 4:17 p.m., in room 160- S, Centre Block, the chair, the Honourable A. Raynell Andreychuk, presiding.

Members of the committee present: The Honourable Senators Andreychuk, Ataullahjan, Dawson, De Bané, P.C., Downe, Fortin-Duplessis, Lang, Nolin, Oh, Smith, P.C., (Cobourg) and Wallace (11).

In attendance: Natalie Mychajlyszyn and Penny Becklumb, Analysts, Parliamentary Information and Research Service, Library of Parliament.

Also in attendance: The official reporters of the Senate.

Pursuant to the order of reference adopted by the Senate on Thursday, April 25, 2013, the committee began its examination of Bill C-383, An Act to amend the International Boundary Waters Treaty Act and the International River Improvements Act.


Larry Miller, Member of Parliament for Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound, sponsor of the bill.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada:

Martial Pagé, Director General, North America Policy Bureau;

Stephen Gluck, Senior Policy Analyst, U.S. Transboundary Affairs Division;

Dean Sherratt, Legal Officer.

Environment Canada:

Laura Farquharson, Executive Director, Legislative Governance, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, Environmental Stewardship Branch;

Manon N. Lalonde, Senior Project-Program Engineer, Hydrological and Climatological Services, Meteorological Service of Canada.

The chair made an opening statement.

Mr. Miller made a statement and answered questions.

At 4:45 p.m., the committee suspended.

At 4:47 p.m., the committee resumed.

Mr. Pagé made a statement and, together with Messrs. Gluck, Sherratt, Ms. Farquharson and Ms. Lalonde, answered questions.

At 5:34 p.m., the committee adjourned to the call of the chair.


Adam Thompson

Clerk of the Committee