Past Archived Reports

Senators manage public funds conscientiously when carrying out their duties as parliamentarians.

In addition to the expenses of senators that are published in the Public Accounts on a yearly basis, the Standing Senate Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration has approved measures to supplement the information available in Public Accounts by publicly making available a more detailed expense report on a quarterly basis. The expenses include senators’ expenditures; expenses by the Clerk of the Senate; and Senate Administration contracts over $10,000.

The quarterly reports are published on the main parliamentary web site under the section Current Business.

Senators’ expenditure report

The Senate has rules and limits to govern what expenditures can be reimbursed, and a vigorous process that ensures that only legitimate and reasonable expenses are paid. All claims for goods and services must be supported by receipts and allowances that are consistent with the Senate Administrative Rules, policies and guidelines. Any expenses that are not covered by the Senate Administrative Rules or not authorized by policies and guidelines must be paid by the senators themselves.

Expenditures are disclosed in the quarter during which it has been paid. This could lead to timing discrepancies. For example, in situations where airline tickets are purchased and paid for in advance in order to take advantage of cheaper fares, charges may appear in a quarter preceding the actual date of travel. Alternatively, situations where travel occurs for example in February but the claim is submitted and processed in March, the expenditures being processed at that time would appear in the March-May quarterly report.

The Senators’ expenditure report is divided into five sections:
  • Staff and Office Expense;
  • Hospitality Expense;
  • Living Expenses in the National Capital Region
  • Regular Travel; and
  • Other Travel.

Clerk of the Senate’s Expenses

Expenditures for the Clerk of the Senate contain the same categories as senators’ expenditures. However, since the Clerk is not representing a region, his travel is not divided by type. The Office Expense category contains much of the same types of expenses as the senators’ reports. The Clerk’s salary and the salaries of the Administrative and Internal Economy team, as well as the Internal Audit and Strategic Planning team are included in this figure.


The contracts disclosed are all contracts over $10,000.00 for the Administration of the Senate of Canada as well as contract amendment when its value is over $10,000 or an amendment when it modifies the initial value of a contract to an amended contract value that is over $10,000. All contracts are consistent with the Senate Procurement Policy