Rules of the Senate of Canada

Chapter One: Application of Rules and Practices

Primacy of Rules 1-1. (1) The Rules of the Senate shall govern the proceedings of the Senate and its committees and shall prevail over any practice and the appendices to these Rules.
Unprovided cases 1-1. (2) In any case not provided for in these Rules, the practices of the Senate, its committees and the House of Commons shall be followed, with such modifications as the circumstances require. The practices of other equivalent bodies may also be followed as necessary
Privileges unaffected 1-2. These Rules shall not limit the Senate in the exercise and preservation of its powers, privileges and immunities.
Suspension of a rule

1-3. (1) Except as otherwise provided, any rule or part of a rule may, with leave of the Senate, be suspended without notice.

Rule 4-3(3): No leave to extend tributes

Explanation of suspension 1-3. (2) A Senator who seeks leave of the Senate for the suspension of a rule or part of a rule shall state the rule or part of the rule to be suspended and provide an explanation.