Work at the Senate

Learning and development

Our workforce is our most valuable asset.  We are committed to supporting our employees with the tools and resources they need to excel at their jobs and giving them recognition for their accomplishments.

Investing in our workforce is one of our ongoing priorities. A key to our success is our commitment to maintaining a representative, skilled and productive workforce. Senate employees broaden their skills and abilities in a continuous learning environment. The training and development needs of our employees are assessed annually and incorporated into learning plans.Employees can participate in e-learning and corporate training activities that are offered over the course of each year, including second official language training. They can also expand their legislative knowledge by attending our parliamentary procedure workshops provided by our procedure and committee teams. We encourage our employees to develop their skills by seeking out opportunities in other Senate departments and to further their formal education credentials with tuition support.


We recognize that everyone who works for us contributes in many different ways to both the institution and the community. Some accomplishments may be on a large scale involving complex projects, while others, which may appear less significant in comparison, have a big impact on the quality of Senate life. Your contribution will not go unnoticed. Employees are nominated and recognized for their accomplishments at our annual Senate Staff Recognition Ceremony. Senators and senior management use this event as an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions made by their staff throughout the year.

Options vary depending on the type of employment.

Photo of Suzie Seo

The Senate ensured that my development began the day I started working here.

Parliamentary counsel