Work at the Senate

Pay and benefits

We take pride in our workforce, which means ensuring that we meet the current and future needs of those who work in our institution.

The Senate offers competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the diverse needs of our employees. When you join us, we will explore these options with you to make your transition to the Senate as seamless as possible.


Employees participate in the Public Service Pension Plan. If you have an existing pension plan, you may be able to transfer your accrued pension benefits.


Employees receive group health, dental, disability and life insurance coverage.


Employees earn paid vacation credits based on their years of service.

Sick leave

Employees earn sick leave credits, which are cumulative.

Other leave

Employees may take leave for family-related responsibilities or volunteer duties.

Health and wellness

Employees have access to our Employee Assistance Program and are encouraged to organize and participate in on-site fitness and wellness activities.

Options vary depending on the type of employment.

Photo of Blair Armitage

Working for and with outstanding people means, for me, never-ending growth.

Principal Clerk