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Values and mission

Our mission is to provide exemplary support to senators in discharging their parliamentary duties. We are motivated by our shared values and ethics, while creating a respectful and encouraging work environment to help senators serve the public interest.

We believe that values and ethics know no borders. The Senate is a separate and autonomous institution with its own workplace culture. At the same time, Senate staff share common values and ethics with the Public Service of Canada.

We are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent from across the country to serve in our institution. Our mission is to provide the best advice, products and processes that support legislative and policy issue decision-making. In order to do so, we continue to promote and advance our shared values and diverse workplace.

Senate Corporate Officer for Values and Ethics

Our Corporate Officer for Values and Ethics provides ethics-related services to Senate Administration staff and promotes an ethical climate within our corporate body.

Our Officer fosters ethical dialogue, offers ethics programs, administers and interprets the Statement of Values and Ethics of the Senate Administrationand the Code of Conduct of the Senate Administration, provides confidential ethics advice to individual Administration staff members and generally monitors the Administration’s ethical health on behalf of the Clerk of the Senate.

Our Officer also assists senators’ staff members with the interpretation and administration of the Conflict of Interest Code for Persons Employed by the Senate.

The Senate of Canada is a separate and distinct employer from the federal public service and is not subject to the Public Service Employment Act.

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The Senate has allowed me to work in the official language of my choice
and in a diverse environment.

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