Briefs and Other Documents

Briefs and submissions received are distributed to committee members and retained in the archives to form part of the official records of the committee. These documents are posted publicly, once they are available in both official languages. Committees may also decide to post other types of documents, such as correspondence or tabled documents that are filed as exhibits, or reports from their subcommittees. If the document you are looking for is not listed, please contact the Senate Committees Directorate at

id Organization Submitter Appearance Received Date note
Bill C-14, An Act to implement certain provisions of the economic statement tabled in Parliament on November 30, 2020 and other measures
Health Canada Edward de Sousa Apr 30, 2021 Pdf
Canada Revenue Agency Randy Hewlett, Legislative Policy and Regulatory Affairs Branch Apr 29, 2021 Pdf
Western Economic Diversification Canada Barbara Motzney, Policy and Strategic Direction Apr 29, 2021 Pdf
Employment and Social Development Canada Atiq Rahman, Learning Branch Apr 29, 2021 Pdf
Department of Finance Canada Maude Lavoie, Tax Policy Branch Apr 28, 2021 Pdf
Health Canada Edward de Sousa Apr 26, 2021 Pdf