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Authorized to hear from time to time witnesses, including both individuals and representatives from organizations, on the present state and the future of agriculture and forestry in Canada
Thursday, March 25, 2004 at 8:37 AM
  • Anne Dunford, Senior Analyst; (Canadian Cattlemen's Association:)
  • Stan Eby, Vice-President; (Canadian Cattlemen's Association:)
  • Hugh Lynch-Staunton, Director; (Canadian Cattlemen's Association:)
  • Art Price (Sunterra Farms)
  • Doug Price, Director (Sunterra Farms)
Tuesday, March 23, 2004 at 5:35 PM
  • Garnett Altwasser. (Lakeside Packers Ltd.:)
  • Nick Jennery, President and Chief Executive Officer; (Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors:)
  • Kim McKinnon, Vice-President, Communications. (Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors:)
  • Brian Read. (Levinoff Meat Products Ltd.:)
  • Willie Van Solkema. (Cargill Foods:)
Thursday, March 11, 2004 at 8:30 AM
  • Bob Speller (The Honourable Bob Speller, P.C., M.P. Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
  • Richard B. Fadden, President (From the Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Samy Watson, Deputy Minister (From the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:)
Tuesday, March 9, 2004 at 5:40 PM
  • Stuart Briese, President (Association of Manitoba Municipalities)
  • Neal Hardy, President (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities)
  • Jack Hayden, President (Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties)
  • Terry Hildebrandt, President (Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan)
  • Bill Newton, President (Western Stock Growers' Association)
  • Marvin Shauf, Second Vice-President (Canadian Federation of Agriculture)
Thursday, February 26, 2004 at 8:38 AM
  • James Laws, Executive Director (Canadian Meat Council)
Tuesday, February 24, 2004 at 5:50 PM
  • Andrew Marsland, Assistant Deputy Minister, Market and Industry Services Branch; (From Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:)
  • Robert Carberry, Vice-President, Programs (From the Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Brian Evans, Chief Veterinarian Officer for Canada (From the Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
  • Gilles Lavoie, Senior Director General, Operations, Market and Industry Services Branch. (From Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:)
  • Tom Richardson, A/Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy Branch (From Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:)
Thursday, February 19, 2004 at 8:35 AM
  • Ed Fetting (As an individual)
  • John Kolk (As an individual)
The issues related to the development and marketing of value-added agricultural, agri-food and forest products, on the domestic and international markets
Tuesday, May 11, 2004 at 5:50 PM
  • Don Dodds, Chair, Research and Technology Transfer Committee (From the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association:)
  • Mark Wheeler, Member of the Board of Directors (From the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association:)
Tuesday, May 4, 2004 at 6:20 PM
  • Linda Bramble, Industry Liaison (From Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute:)
Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 8:35 AM
  • Gary B. Koestler, Deputy Director, Eastern Hemisphere Division, International Trade Policy Directorate; (Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:)
  • Bill Ross, President. (Canadian Vintners Association:)
  • Michael Presley, Director General, Food Value Chain Bureau, Food Safety and Quality, International Issues. (Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:)
Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 6:15 PM
  • Tony Stewart, Proprietor. (Quail's Gate Estate Winery:)
Thursday, April 22, 2004 at 8:35 AM
  • Janine Gibson, President (Canadian Organic Growers)
  • Tom Manley, Board Member and Chair of the Ottawa Chapter (Canadian Organic Growers)
  • Laura Telford, Executive Director (Canadian Organic Growers)
Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 6:45 PM
  • Dean Baglole, Chairman; (Atlantic Beef Producers Co-operative:)
  • Bryan Inglis, Member of the Board of Directors. (Atlantic Beef Producers Co-operative:)
Thursday, April 1, 2004 at 8:35 AM
  • Gordon Bacon, Chief Executive Officer; (Pulse Canada:)
  • Jack Froese, Chair. (Pulse Canada:)
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Orders of Reference

A committee’s order of reference is the Order of the Senate that authorizes it to examine a bill or to undertake a special study. Most committees require an order of reference before they can undertake such work. Three standing committees do, however, have permanent orders of reference, allowing them to undertake their work without waiting for a specific order of reference. These are the Committee on Rules, Procedures and the Rights of Parliament (responsible for proposing amendments to the rules of the Senate, examining questions of privilege and consideration of the orders and customs of the Senate and privileges of Parliament), the Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration (responsible for the financial and administrative matters relating to the internal management of the Senate) and the Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest for Senators.