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Thursday, April 2, 2015
1:36 PM ET
Location: *Room 2, Victoria Building
Clerk: Catherine Piccinin (613) 998-0371
The subject matter of Bill C-51 Anti-terrorism Act 2015
  • Doug Breithaupt, Director and General Counsel, Criminal Law Policy Section (Department of Justice Canada)
  • Lynda Clairmont, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, National and Cyber Security Branch (Public Safety Canada)
  • John Davies, Director General, National Security Policy, National and Cyber Security Branch (Public Safety Canada)
  • Joe Fogarty (As an Individual)
  • Craig Forcese, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law (Common Law Section), University of Ottawa (As an Individual)
  • Mark Glauser, Acting Director General, International Security and Intelligence (Global Affairs Canada)
  • Geoff Leckey, Director General, Enforcement and Intelligence Operations (Canada Border Services Agency)
  • Christian Leuprecht, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Economics, Royal Military College of Canada (As an Individual)
  • Béatrice Maillé, Director General and Deputy Legal Adviser, Legal Affairs Division (Global Affairs Canada)
  • John Ossowski, Associate Deputy Minister (Public Safety Canada)
  • Donald K. Piragoff, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy Sector (Department of Justice Canada)
  • Kent Roach, Professor, Prichard-Wilson Chair in Law and Public Policy, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto (As an Individual)
  • Caroline Weber, Vice-President, Corporate Affairs Branch (Canada Border Services Agency)
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