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Canada’s 105 senators are men and women of accomplishment and experience. They are business people and scientists, judges and teachers, athletes, community leaders and senior civil servants who use their lifetimes of expertise to ensure Parliament acts in the best interests of Canadians.

Senators come from diverse ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds; they use the wisdom gleaned from their own experiences to give minorities a strong voice in Parliament.

Free to speak their minds and act on their consciences, senators play an essential role in Canada’s parliamentary democracy.


Name Affiliation Province (Designation) Date of nomination Date of retirement Appointed on the advice of:
Anderson, Margaret Dawn ISG Northwest Territories 2018-12-12 2042-04-14 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Ataullahjan, Salma C Ontario 2010-07-09 2027-04-29 Harper, Stephen (C)
Batters, Denise C Saskatchewan 2013-01-25 2045-06-18 Harper, Stephen (C)
Bellemare, Diane ISG Quebec 2012-09-06 2024-10-13 Harper, Stephen (C)
Bernard, Wanda Elaine Thomas PSG Nova Scotia 2016-11-10 2028-08-01 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Beyak, Lynn Non-affiliated Ontario 2013-01-25 2024-02-18 Harper, Stephen (C)
Black, Douglas CSG Alberta 2013-01-25 2027-05-10 Harper, Stephen (C)
Black, Robert CSG Ontario 2018-02-15 2037-03-27 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Boehm, Peter M. ISG Ontario 2018-10-03 2029-04-26 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Boisvenu, Pierre-Hugues C Quebec 2010-01-29 2024-02-12 Harper, Stephen (C)
Boniface, Gwen ISG Ontario 2016-11-10 2030-08-05 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Bovey, Patricia PSG Manitoba 2016-11-10 2023-05-15 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Boyer, Yvonne ISG Ontario 2018-03-15 2028-10-25 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Brazeau, Patrick ISG Quebec 2009-01-08 2049-11-11 Harper, Stephen (C)
Busson, Bev ISG British Columbia 2018-09-24 2026-08-23 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Campbell, Larry W. CSG British Columbia 2005-08-02 2023-02-28 Martin, Paul (Lib.)
Carignan, Claude, P.C. C Quebec 2009-08-27 2039-12-04 Harper, Stephen (C)
Christmas, Dan ISG Nova Scotia 2016-12-06 2031-09-10 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Cordy, Jane PSG Nova Scotia 2000-06-09 2025-07-02 Chrétien, Jean (Lib.)
Cormier, René ISG New Brunswick 2016-11-10 2031-04-27 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Cotter, Brent ISG Saskatchewan 2020-01-30 2024-12-18 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Coyle, Mary ISG Nova Scotia 2017-12-04 2029-11-05 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Dagenais, Jean-Guy CSG Quebec 2012-01-17 2025-02-02 Harper, Stephen (C)
Dalphond, Pierre J. PSG Quebec 2018-06-06 2029-05-01 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Dasko, Donna ISG Ontario 2018-06-06 2026-08-19 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Dawson, Dennis PSG Quebec 2005-08-02 2024-09-28 Martin, Paul (Lib.)
Deacon, Colin ISG Nova Scotia 2018-06-15 2034-11-01 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Deacon, Marty ISG Ontario 2018-02-15 2033-04-23 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Dean, Tony ISG Ontario 2016-11-10 2028-08-19 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Downe, Percy E. CSG Prince Edward Island 2003-06-26 2029-07-08 Chrétien, Jean (Lib.)
Doyle, Norman E. C Newfoundland and Labrador 2012-01-06 2020-11-11 Harper, Stephen (C)
Duffy, Michael ISG Prince Edward Island 2009-01-02 2021-05-27 Harper, Stephen (C)
Duncan, Pat ISG Yukon 2018-12-12 2035-04-08 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Dupuis, Renée ISG Quebec 2016-11-10 2024-01-17 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Dyck, Lillian Eva PSG Saskatchewan 2005-03-24 2020-08-24 Martin, Paul (Lib.)
Forest, Éric ISG Quebec 2016-11-21 2027-04-06 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Forest-Niesing, Josée ISG Ontario 2018-10-11 2039-12-18 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Francis, Brian ISG Prince Edward Island 2018-10-11 2032-09-28 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Frum, Linda C Ontario 2009-08-27 2038-01-13 Harper, Stephen (C)
Furey, George J. Non-affiliated Newfoundland and Labrador 1999-08-11 2023-05-12 Chrétien, Jean (Lib.)
Gagné, Raymonde Non-affiliated Manitoba 2016-04-01 2032-01-07 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Galvez, Rosa ISG Quebec 2016-12-06 2036-06-21 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Gold, Marc, P.C. Non-affiliated Quebec 2016-11-25 2025-06-30 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Greene, Stephen CSG Nova Scotia 2009-01-02 2024-12-08 Harper, Stephen (C)
Griffin, Diane F. CSG Prince Edward Island 2016-11-10 2022-03-18 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Harder, Peter, P.C. PSG Ontario 2016-03-23 2027-08-25 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Hartling, Nancy J. ISG New Brunswick 2016-11-10 2025-02-01 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Housakos, Leo C Quebec 2009-01-08 2043-01-10 Harper, Stephen (C)
Jaffer, Mobina S.B. ISG British Columbia 2001-06-13 2024-08-20 Chrétien, Jean (Lib.)
Keating, Judith ISG New Brunswick 2020-01-30 2032-05-19 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Klyne, Marty ISG Saskatchewan 2018-09-24 2032-03-06 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Kutcher, Stan ISG Nova Scotia 2018-12-12 2026-12-16 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
LaBoucane-Benson, Patti Non-affiliated Alberta 2018-10-03 2044-02-20 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Lankin, Frances, P.C. ISG Ontario 2016-04-01 2029-04-16 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Loffreda, Tony ISG Quebec 2019-07-22 2037-08-14 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Lovelace Nicholas, Sandra M. PSG New Brunswick 2005-09-21 2023-04-15 Martin, Paul (Lib.)
MacDonald, Michael L. C Nova Scotia 2009-01-02 2030-05-04 Harper, Stephen (C)
Manning, Fabian C Newfoundland and Labrador 2011-05-25 1 2039-05-21 Harper, Stephen (C)
Marshall, Elizabeth C Newfoundland and Labrador 2010-01-29 2026-09-07 Harper, Stephen (C)
Martin, Yonah C British Columbia 2009-01-02 2040-04-11 Harper, Stephen (C)
Marwah, Sabi ISG Ontario 2016-11-10 2026-07-12 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Massicotte, Paul J. ISG Quebec 2003-06-26 2026-09-10 Chrétien, Jean (Lib.)
McCallum, Mary Jane ISG Manitoba 2017-12-04 2027-05-01 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
McCoy, Elaine CSG Alberta 2005-03-24 2021-03-07 Martin, Paul (Lib.)
McPhedran, Marilou ISG Manitoba 2016-11-10 2026-07-22 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Mégie, Marie-Françoise ISG Quebec 2016-11-25 2025-09-21 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Mercer, Terry M. PSG Nova Scotia 2003-11-07 2022-05-06 Chrétien, Jean (Lib.)
Miville-Dechêne, Julie ISG Quebec 2018-06-20 2034-07-10 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Mockler, Percy C New Brunswick 2009-01-02 2024-04-14 Harper, Stephen (C)
Moncion, Lucie ISG Ontario 2016-11-10 2033-10-25 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Moodie, Rosemary ISG Ontario 2018-12-12 2031-11-24 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Munson, Jim PSG Ontario 2003-12-10 2021-07-14 Chrétien, Jean (Lib.)
Ngo, Thanh Hai C Ontario 2012-09-06 2022-01-03 Harper, Stephen (C)
Oh, Victor C Ontario 2013-01-25 2024-06-10 Harper, Stephen (C)
Omidvar, Ratna ISG Ontario 2016-04-01 2024-11-05 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Pate, Kim ISG Ontario 2016-11-10 2034-11-10 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Patterson, Dennis Glen C Nunavut 2009-08-27 2023-12-30 Harper, Stephen (C)
Petitclerc, Chantal ISG Quebec 2016-04-01 2044-12-15 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Plett, Donald Neil C Manitoba 2009-08-27 2025-05-14 Harper, Stephen (C)
Poirier, Rose-May C New Brunswick 2010-02-28 2029-03-02 Harper, Stephen (C)
Ravalia, Mohamed-Iqbal ISG Newfoundland and Labrador 2018-06-01 2032-08-15 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Richards, David CSG New Brunswick 2017-08-30 2025-10-17 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Ringuette, Pierrette ISG New Brunswick 2002-12-12 2030-12-31 Chrétien, Jean (Lib.)
Saint-Germain, Raymonde ISG Quebec 2016-11-25 2026-10-07 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Seidman, Judith G. C Quebec 2009-08-27 2025-09-01 Harper, Stephen (C)
Simons, Paula ISG Alberta 2018-10-03 2039-09-07 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Sinclair, Murray ISG Manitoba 2016-04-02 2026-01-24 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
Smith, Larry W. C Quebec 2011-05-25 2 2026-04-28 Harper, Stephen (C)
Stewart Olsen, Carolyn C New Brunswick 2009-08-27 2021-07-27 Harper, Stephen (C)
Tannas, Scott CSG Alberta 2013-03-25 2037-02-25 Harper, Stephen (C)
Verner, Josée, P.C. CSG Quebec 2011-06-13 2034-12-30 Harper, Stephen (C)
Wallin, Pamela CSG Saskatchewan 2009-01-02 2028-04-10 Harper, Stephen (C)
Wells, David M. C Newfoundland and Labrador 2013-01-25 2037-02-28 Harper, Stephen (C)
Wetston, Howard ISG Ontario 2016-11-10 2022-06-03 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
White, Vernon CSG Ontario 2012-02-20 2034-02-21 Harper, Stephen (C)
Woo, Yuen Pau ISG British Columbia 2016-11-10 2038-03-02 Trudeau, Justin (Lib.)
  1. 1 Manning, Fabian was also a senator from 2009-01-02 to 2011-03-28
  2. 2 Smith, Larry W. was also a senator from 2010-12-18 to 2011-03-25