routine proceedings — The Honourable Serge Joyal, P.C.

Motion to Place Inquiry on Notice Paper for Later This Day Adopted

December 11, 2019

Hon. Terry M. Mercer

Honourable senators, with leave of the Senate and notwithstanding rule 5-5(j), I move:

That, notwithstanding rule 5-6(2), the following inquiry be placed on the Notice Paper for later this day:

“By the Honourable Senator Mercer: That he will call the attention of the Senate to the career of the Honourable Senator Joyal, P.C.”; and

That, notwithstanding rule 6-3(1), during proceedings on this inquiry no senator speak for more than three minutes.

The Hon. the Speaker: Is leave granted, honourable senators?

Hon. Senators: Agreed.

The Hon. the Speaker

Is it your pleasure, honourable senators, to adopt the motion?

Hon. Senators: Agreed.

(Motion agreed to.)