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Impact of Inflation on Oil Prices

June 8, 2022

Hon. Donald Neil Plett (Leader of the Opposition)

Honourable senators, some day, maybe this government will show us that they care instead of just telling us that they do. My question, once again, is for the government leader in the Senate.

Too many Canadians are having to choose between buying groceries and filling up their gas tank to go to work. Every time your NDP-Liberal government says record gas prices are a global phenomenon and washes their hands of doing anything to help Canadians, they make life more and more unaffordable for families. Our out-of-touch Prime Minister has no idea how much Canadians are struggling right now. He probably hasn’t filled his tank, maybe, ever.

Other countries have taken action to help reduce energy costs for their citizens. For example, last week, the German government implemented a fuel tax cut for consumers.

Leader, gas prices in your city of Montreal hit a record of $2.23 per litre this week. How do you justify your government’s inaction? I know they care. You’ve told us they care, so they must care. How do you justify your government’s inaction for Canadians trying to get to work every day?

Hon. Marc Gold (Government Representative in the Senate) [ + ]

Thank you for your question, and thank you for reminding us of the challenges that Canadians continue to face. There are a variety of measures that this government is taking, and whether they differ from some of the policy preferences of your current leader or some of the leadership contenders, this government stands by its approach to managing the Canadian economy and society through this difficult time.

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