Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on
Social Affairs, Science and Technology

Second Session Thirty-sixth Parliament, 1999

Chairman: The Honourable MICHAEL KIRBY

Wednesday, December 1, 1999

Issue No. 4

Fifth meeting on: Subject matter of Bill C-6, An Act to support and promote electronic commerce by protecting personal information that is collected, used or disclosed in certain circumstances, by providing for the use of electronic means to communicate or record information or transactions and by amending the Canada Evidence Act, the Statutory Instruments Act and the Statute Revision Act


As individual:

Valerie Steeves, Director of the Technology Project, Centre for Law and Social Change, Carleton University;

Ian Lawson.

From the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada:

Bruce Phillips, Privacy Commissioner of Canada;

Julien Delisle, Executive Director;

Brian Foran, Director, Issues Management and Assessment.


The Honourable Michael Kirby, Chairman

The Honourable Marjory LeBreton, Deputy Chairman


The Honourable Senators:

* Boudreau, P.C. (or Hays), Callbeck, Carstairs, Cohen, Cook, Finestone, P.C., Gill, Keon, * Lynch-Staunton (or Kinsella), Murray, P.C., Pépin, Robertson

* Ex Officio Members

(Quorum 4)