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Activities in the Chamber

Follow the latest activities in the Senate Chamber.

Order Paper and Notice Paper

The Order Paper and Notice Paper guides the deliberations of the Senate and lists items of business currently before it. It is prepared every day the Senate sits in advance of the actual sitting.

The majority of these items constitute the Orders of the Day, which are called following Routine Proceedings. These items are themselves divided into two principal categories — government business and other business. Within each of these two categories are items for bills, motions, inquiries and reports of committees.

The Notice Paper contains the text of motions and inquiries not yet called for debate.

Calendar of all available Order Papers and Notice Papers

Journals of the Senate

The Journals of the Senate provides concise overviews of all the Senate’s activities in a given day. A typical Journal includes a list of senators present in the chamber, the text of some motions and the results of votes.

Calendar of all available Journals

Debates of the Senate (Hansard)

The Debates of the Senate, also known as Hansard, are full transcripts of senators’ remarks, questions and exchanges on any given day. They are a written record of the lively deliberations that characterize the Senate. The Debates are generally published online within 24 hours of a Senate sitting.

Calendar of all available Debates

Latest activities

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