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Art & Architecture

Explore the Senate’s rich heritage

The Senate has a rich history of Canadian heritage, parliamentary ceremony and regional representation — but you don’t have to bury your nose in a history book to explore the institution’s past. The roots and values of Parliament’s Upper Chamber are literally carved in its buildings, reflected in its stained-glass windows and celebrated in its vast art collection. Whether it’s in the Senate’s temporary home — the Senate of Canada Building — or in its permanent home — Parliament’s Centre Block — Canadians from all regions can see themselves reflected in the Senate’s art and architecture.

See it all for yourself! This web page is your backstage pass to the Senate’s impressive collection of artwork and heritage pieces, to the fascinating rehabilitation project underway on Parliament Hill and to Centre Block’s magnificent art and architecture.

Artwork and Heritage Collection

Artwork and Heritage Collection

Discover the Senate’s world-class, curated collection, which includes paintings, sculptures, ceremonial objects and heritage furniture.

Architecture and Rehabilitation

Architecture and Rehabilitation

Come behind the scenes of Centre Block’s rehabilitation, Canada’s largest heritage restoration project.

Senate Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

Explore Centre Block, the Senate’s permanent home, and the Senate of Canada Building, its temporary home, through two immersive tours!

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