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The Senate’s Artwork and Heritage Collection

The Senate of Canada curates a world-class collection of more than 6,000 works of art, ceremonial objects and heritage furniture. Many of these items are displayed in the Senate of Canada Building or used in parliamentary functions, such as Senate sittings. The collection’s curated works and artefacts are significant to the material culture of the Senate, celebrate Canadian history, ideas and identities and serve as reminders of Canada’s momentous events, ceremonies and individuals.

While the collection is rooted in tradition, it is evolving to better reflect a modern Senate and to give Canada’s different regions and minority communities a stronger presence in parliamentary spaces.


Art exhibits at the Senate

One of the Senate’s vital roles is to ensure underrepresented groups have a voice in Parliament. As the Senate evolved, it has sought to extend and augment that representation in the artwork on display in its buildings, through partnerships with galleries, curators and artists across Canada.

Artwork and Heritage in motion

Explore the “Artwork and heritage” playlist on the Senate’s YouTube channel for exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of art exhibits and other projects related to the Artwork and Heritage Collection.

Artwork and Heritage in words

Visit SenCAplus, the Senate’s online magazine, to read in-depth features and exclusive interviews with artists, curators and senators about the artwork and exhibits on display at the Senate.

Artwork and Heritage


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