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Companion to the Rules of the Senate

The purpose of the Companion to the Rules of the Senate is to provide additional sources of information with respect to Senate parliamentary procedures. The Rules of the Senate derive from constitutional and statutory sources, as well as parliamentary conventions, traditions and usages, and the practices adopted from time to time. Among others, the Rules reflect such underlying principles as the central role of Parliament, the rule of law and the independence of each chamber in our bicameral system. 

This version of the Companion takes into account developments up to November 2013, and follows the structure of the Rules. Each chapter begins with an overview of its subject matter, explaining the general content. The text of each rule – usually presented separately but with variations where appropriate – is followed by a commentary, related citations, and references to Speaker’s rulings.

A pdf version of the Companion is available here. While the Companion has been prepared as a tool to help understand Senate proceedings, it does not replace the Rules of the Senate, Speaker’s rulings and the decisions of the Senate itself. All of these must be taken into account, and works on parliamentary procedure also consulted, for the fullest possible understanding of Senate procedure.

Companion to the Rules of the Senate

Amendments to the Rules of the Senate Since November 2013


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