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Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs

Proceedings of the Subcommittee on
Veterans Affairs

First Session Thirty-seventh Parliament, 2001

Chair: The Honourable MICHAEL A. MEIGHEN
Monday, October 1, 2001
Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Issue No. 1

Organisation meeting and First meeting on: The health care provided to veterans of war and of peacekeeping missions; the implementation of the recommendations made in its previous reports on such matters; and the terms of service, post-discharge benefits and health care of members of the regular and reserve forces as well as members of the RCMP and of civilians who have served in close support of uniformed peacekeepers


From the Royal Canadian Legion:

Jim Rycroft, Director, Service Bureau;

Duane Daly, Dominion Secretary; and

Gordon G. Beech, Service Officer.


The Honourable Michael A. Meighen, Chair


The Honourable Senators:

Atkins, *Carstairs, P.C, (or Robichaud, P.C.), Hubley, Kenny, Léger, * Lynch-Staunton (or Kinsella).

* Ex Officio Members

(Quorum 3)

Changes in membership of the committee:

Pursuant to rule 85(4), membership of the committee was amended as follows:

The name of the Honourable Senator Hubley substituted for that of the Honourable Senator Wiebe (October 24, 2001).

The name of the Honourable Senator Léger substituted for that of the Honourable Senator Pépin (October 24, 2001).

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