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Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on
Human Rights

Issue 1 - First Report

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

The Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights has the honour to table its


Your Committee, which was authorized by the Senate to incur expenses for the purpose of its examination and consideration of such legislation and other matters as were referred to it, reports, pursuant to Rule 104 of the Rules, that the expenses incurred by the Committee during the First Session of the Thirty-seventh Parliament are as follows:

1. With respect to its study of issues relating to human rights and, inter alia, the machinery of government dealing with Canada's international and national human rights obligations:

Professional and Other Services $ 3,370
Transport and Communications $ 734
Other Expenditures  $ 234
Witness Expenses  $ 17,635
Total  $ 21,973


2. With respect to its study of the status of Canada's adherence to international human rights instruments and the process whereby Canada enters into, implements, and reports on such agreements:

Professional and Other Services $ 12,133
Transport and Communications  $ 32,057
Other Expenditures  Nil
Witness Expenses $ 8,632
Total  $ 52,822

During the session under consideration, Your Committee considered two orders of reference, held 19 meetings, and received evidence from 57 witnesses over some 44 hours. In addition, a delegation of Committee members participated in a fact-finding mission and met with over 60 other individuals. Your Committee submitted three reports relating to its work.

Respectfully submitted,



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