OTTAWA, Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Senate Committee of Selection met this day at 12:15 p.m. to nominate the senators to serve on the Special Senate Committee on Aging.


Senator James S. Cowan (Deputy Chair) in the chair.

The Deputy Chair: I call the meeting to order. The only item of business is the nomination of senators to serve on the Special Senate Committee on Aging. Is there a motion?

Senator Carstairs: Can I move the following: Senators Carstairs, Chaput, Cordy, Mercer and Cools?

Senator Stratton: I will nominate Senator Cools, because we need three.

Senator Carstairs: Let us begin again. I nominate Senators Carstairs, Chaput, Cordy and Mercer.

Senator Stratton: I will nominate Senators Nolin, Johnson and Cools.

The Deputy Chair: Is that agreed?

Hon. Senators: Agreed.

The Deputy Chair: Moved by Senator Stratton that the chair report the nominations agreed to at this meeting to the Senate.

Senator Carstairs: Can I get some indication of when this may be approved so that I will know whether I can call a meeting for Monday?

Senator Stratton: Just report it this afternoon.

Senator Segal: I can report it this afternoon, with the clerk's assistance, and it will be up to the senators whether it will go through today or be held up due to lack of unanimous consent. I will ask for leave to do that.

Senator Carstairs: We can have a motion to do it now.

Senator Segal: We do not want to age any further before this passes.

The committee adjourned.

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