OTTAWA, Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Committee of Selection met this day at 11:45 a.m. to elect a deputy chair.

Senator Donald Neil Plett (Chair) in the chair.


The Chair: We have a very brief agenda today, colleagues. Our colleague Senator Omidvar has stepped down is stepping down as the deputy chair, and we are gathered here today to elect her replacement.

Before I call for proposals to fill the vacant position, I want to thank Senator Omidvar for her work on steering, the work we have done together in the last year or so.

As you know, steering has been delegated the responsibility for approving office assignments for senators. There has been a tremendous amount of movement related to the closure of Centre Block and the move to the Senate of Canada Building. Therefore, a considerable number of decisions had to be validated.

Again, I want to thank Senator Omidvar and, of course, the third member of our steering committee, Senator Mercer, for their attention to these decisions.

That said, we are here to elect a deputy chair, a third member of steering. I will open the floor to nominations.

Senator Omidvar: Thank you, chair. I propose that Senator Wallin be deputy chair on this committee.

The Chair: Thank you.

Senator Campbell: Seconded.

The Chair: Thank you.

Are there any other nominations for this position? If not, I declare Senator Wallin the elected third member of steering and deputy chair. I look forward to working with Senator Wallin.

Senator Wallin: Thank you very much. I look forward to working on this committee. I know you have done a lot of the hard work, but it’s not like it’s over.

The Chair: That’s right.

Senator Campbell: This is going to change the news stories.

Senator Wallin: I want to speak my truth.

The Chair: That is the only business we have, colleagues. Thank you for coming.

(The committee adjourned.)

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