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Monday, April 1, 2019
1:02 PM ET
Location: Room B30, Senate of Canada Building
Clerk: Lynn Gordon (613) 991-3620
Consider the significant and rapid changes to the Arctic and the impacts on original inhabitants
  • Claudio Aporta, Director, Marine Affairs Program, Dalhousie University (As an Individual)
  • Burton Ayles, Canada Member (Fisheries Joint Management Committee)
  • Robin Campbell, Lawyer
  • Valérie Courtois, Director (Indigenous Leadership Initiative)
  • Larry Hinzman, President (International Arctic Science Committee )
  • Peter W. Hutchins, Lawyer (Hutchins Legal Inc.)
  • Gerald Inglangasuk, Inuvialuit Member (Fisheries Joint Management Committee)
  • Adam Lajeunesse, Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Canadian Arctic Marine Security, Mulroney Institute of Government, St. Francis Xavier University (As an Individual)
  • Maribeth S. Murray, Executive Director, Arctic Institute of North America and Professor, University of Calgary (As an Individual)
  • Shirley Tagalik, Director (Aqqiumavvik Society)
  • Karla Jessen Williamson, Assistant Professor, Ed Foundations, University of Saskatchewan (As an Individual)
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