Meeting Detail

Televised live on PTN
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
When the Senate rises but not before 5:10 PM ET
Location: Room 9, Victoria Building
Clerk: Lynn Gordon
Bill C-47: the Northern Jobs and Growth Act
  • Bob Bleaney, Vice President, External Relations (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers)
  • Alex Ferguson, Vice-President, Policy and Environment (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers)
  • Pierre Gratton, President and Chief Executive Officer (Mining Association of Canada)
  • Robert Long, Deputy Minister, Department of Economic Development and Transportation (Government of Nunavut)
  • William Mackay, Director, Intergovernmental Relations (Government of Nunavut)
  • Rick Meyers, Vice-President, Technical and Northern Affairs (Mining Association of Canada)
  • The Honourable Peter Taptuna, MLA, Minister of Economic Development and Transportation (Government of Nunavut)
  • Peter Vician, Deputy Minister, Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (Government of the Northwest Territories)
Meeting with Transcription and Interpretation
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