Meeting Detail

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Wednesday, September 26, 2001
When the Senate rises but not before 5:32 PM ET
Location: Room 256-S, Centre Block
Clerk: Michel Patrice (613) 952-9894
Bill C-14, An Act respecting shipping and navigation and to amend the Shipping Conferences Exemption Act, 1987 and other Acts
  • David W. Goffin, Secretary-Treasurer & Vice-President, Canadian Chemical Producers Association (Canadian Shippers' Council)
  • Michael Jordan, Director, CP Ships (Interested Carrier Working Group)
  • Edward Le Blanc, President, Associated Conferences Secretariat (Interested Carrier Working Group)
  • Lisa MacGillivray, President, Canadian Industrial Transportation Association (Canadian Shippers' Council)
  • Walter Mueller, Secretary General (Canadian Shippers' Council)
  • Dave Watson, President, OOCL (Interested Carrier Working Group)
Meeting with Transcription and Interpretation