Some reports from committees are administrative in nature. They are for the purposes of reporting past expenses, requesting powers (to travel, to televise, for example) or to request budgetary approval. Other reports reflect the decisions of the committee on the work they are doing and are more substantive in nature. These would include reports on legislation or interim and final reports on special studies.

- Substantive Reports

- Ninth Report: Bill C-61 Assets of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act

- Eighth Report: Seizing Opportunities for Canadians: India's Growth and Canada's Future Prosperity

- Seventh Report: New Global Economy: Responding to the Rise of Russia, India and China

- Sixth Report: Bill C-2, An Act to implement the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the Republic of Colombia, without Amendment

- First Report: Canada and Russia: building on today’s successes for tomorrow's potential

- Administrative Reports

- Fifth Report: Supplementary funds for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2011 – Study on the rise of China, India and Russia in the global economy and the implications for Canadian policy

- Fourth Report: Special Study Budget for the period ending December 31, 2010 – Study on the rise of China, India and Russia

- Third Report: Special Study Budget 2010-2011 – Foreign Affairs and International Trade in general

- Second Report: Rule 104 – Expenses incurred by the committee during the Second Session of the Fortieth Parliament