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Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs


Proceedings of the Subcommittee on
Veterans Affairs

First Session Thirty-sixth Parliament, 1997-98

Chairman: The Honourable ORVILLE H. PHILLIPS

Monday, February 2, 1998

Issue No. 3

Public hearings on the Canadian War Museum


From the Department of Canadian Heritage:

Mr. Bill Peters, Acting Assistant Deputy Minister of Arts and Heritage; and

Mr. Chuck Gruchy, Director General of Heritage Branch.

From the Canadian Museum of Civilization:

Mr. Joe Geurts, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President; and

Mr. Daniel J. Glenney, Acting Director General, Canadian War Museum.

From the Task Force on Military History Museum Collections in Canada:

General Ramsey Withers.

From the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation:

Mr. Joe Geurts, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President.

From the Friends of the Canadian War Museum:

Colonel J. W. Holtzhauer;

Sandy MacQuarrie, Vice-President; and


The Honourable Orville H. Phillips, Chairman

The Honourable Anne C. Cools, Deputy Chairman


The Honourable Senators:

Chalifoux Cools Forest *Graham, P.C. (or Carstairs) Jessiman *Lynch-Staunton (or Kinsella (acting))

* Ex Officio Members

(Quorum 5)

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