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Proceedings of the Standing
Senate Committee on
Legal and Constitutional Affairs

Second Session, Thirty-ninth Parliament, 2007-08

Chair: The Honourable JOAN FRASER

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Thursday, June 5, 2008

Issue No. 20

Third, fourth and fifth meetings on:

Bill S-209, An Act to amend the Criminal Code
(protection of children)

First meeting on:

Bill S-225, An Act to amend the State Immunity Act and the Criminal Code
(deterring terrorism by providing a civil right of action against perpetrators and sponsors of terrorism)


Wednesday, June 4, 2008 (Afternoon meeting)

Canadian Bar Association:

Greg Del Bigio, Chair, National Criminal Justice Section;

Kerri Froc, Legal Policy Analyst.

Criminal Lawyers Association:

Norm Boxall, Vice-President.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Chief Superintendent Fraser Macaulay, Director General, National Youth Strategy.

Child Welfare League of Canada:

Peter M. Dudding, Executive Director.

As an individual:

Donald Stuart, Professor, Faculty of Law, Queen's University.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 (Evening meeting)


John Hancock, Senior Solicitor (by video conference).

New Zealand Human Rights Commission:

Rosslyn Noonan, Chief Commissioner (by video conference).

As an individual:

Dr. Ian Hassall, Former New Zealand Commissioner for Children (by video conference).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

As individuals:

Anne McGillivray, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba;

Mark Carter, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Saskatchewan;

Eric Roher, Partner, Borden, Ladner, Gervais, LLP.


The Honourable Joan Fraser, Chair

The Honourable A. Raynell Andreychuk, Deputy Chair


The Honourable Senators:

Baker, P.C., Campbell, Di Nino, *Hervieux-Payette, P.C. (or Tardif), Joyal, P.C., *LeBreton, P.C. (or Comeau), Merchant, Milne, Oliver, Stratton, Watt

*Ex officio members

(Quorum 4)