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Detailed Expenditures

Picture of MacDonald, Michael L.

MacDonald, Michael L.

Conservative Party of Canada

Nova Scotia (Cape Breton)

Contract(s) Awarded from January 01, 2019 to March 31, 2019

Subject Provider Contract Period Original Contract Value Amendment(s) in Previous Quarters Amendment(s) in Current Quarter Total Amended Contract Value
Newspapers, Magazines, and Books BELLWETHER MEDIA INC. January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 $50.00 $0.00 $0.00 $50.00
Newspapers, Magazines, and Books STRAIGHT AREA REPORTER March 29, 2019 to March 11, 2020 $40.00 $0.00 $0.00 $40.00

Note: Actual expenses against contracts awarded in a quarter or a previous quarter, are included in the Office Expenses tab in the quarter the payments have been processed.

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