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The Senate Page Program


What is the duration of the contract?

The duration of the contract is for one year with the possibility of renewal for a second year.

What do pages actually do?

Beyond the responsibilities outlined in the "Duties" section of the website, pages perform tasks requested by senators and officers of the Senate during sittings and committee meetings. These tasks can include making photocopies, contacting offices, retrieving resource material from the Library of Parliament, and more.

How will being selected as a page affect my class schedule?

All pages are full-time university students and must organize their class schedules at the beginning of the school year in order to be able to meet the needs of the Senate while not jeopardizing their studies. The Chief Page and Deputy Chief Page will assist those selected as pages in organizing their class schedules before the school year begins.

Pages regularly attend all their classes, however, on rare occasions, they may be asked to forego a class when their presence is required for an important ceremony such as the Opening of Parliament.

Is the Senate Page Program restricted to those studying in a Political Science program?

No. You may be a student in any program offered by any of the four universities in the capital region, as long as you are studying full-time towards your first undergraduate degree. Pages have commonly studied in various programs such as Political Science, Communications, History, Management, International Development, English, French, Canadian Studies, Philosophy, Health Sciences, Sciences, and Civil Law.

Is the Senate Page Program restricted to students studying in the National Capital Region?

No. Though students who are selected to become pages will study at one of the four universities in the NCR for the duration of the contract, application is not restricted to students from those universities. The program has welcomed many students registered in other Canadian universities. Successful candidates can come to the NCR on an exchange basis, which can easily be arranged with the universities of the NCR. The program is committed to assisting students from other universities with all the arrangements necessary for their stay in the NCR for the duration of the contract.

Are there any employment opportunities on Parliament Hill after my time as a page?

Many pages continue to work on Parliament Hill after their time in the Page Program. Former pages are often selected to work in senators' offices as assistants due to the knowledge they have gained through the program.

Former pages have also found employment in the Senate Administration as legislative clerks, committee clerks and principal clerks, and within the Senate Protective Service. Furthermore, the former Clerk of the Senate and of the Parliaments began his career as a Senate page.

When can I expect to learn the final results of the selection process?

You can expect to receive the final results of the selection process in May.

How can I prepare for the selection process?

All necessary documentation will be sent to you within the selection process.

I have not heard back from the universities in the National Capital Region, can I still continue the process?

Yes. You may continue the process, provided you are registered as a full-time student at one of the four universities in the National Capital Region by September.

Will the Senate help me come to the NCR?

Yes. The Senate will reimburse travel expenses between the successful candidates’ hometowns and the NCR at the beginning and at the end of their contract.

When should I arrive in Ottawa to begin work if I am selected?

Pages are required to attend training during the last week of August.

Will I have an opportunity to take part in important events?

Pages may have an opportunity to witness the Throne Speech, participate in the Royal Assent, attend the Remembrance ceremony, attend the installation of a new Governor General, and take part in the Forum for Young Canadians and other outreach programs.


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