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Accessibility at the Senate

Feedback process

The Senate Accessibility Officer (SAO) is responsible for all accessibility feedback received at the Senate. Feedback can be submitted to the SAO through various channels and can be anonymous. The Senate will analyze, process and address all feedback. Unless otherwise requested, an acknowledgement and a response will be sent for non-anonymous feedback using the same communication method as that used to submit the feedback.

Versions available

Feedback channels

Feedback can be provided using any of the following channels:

  1. Accessibility Feedback Form

    Feedback can be submitted to the SAO using an electronic form on the Senate website. An automated acknowledgement receipt will be sent immediately, and the SAO will follow up with the contributor within five working days.

  2. Email

    Feedback can be submitted to Emails, including all attachments, cannot exceed 14 MB in size. Attachments can be included in PDF, JPG, PNG, and Microsoft Office document formats.

    An automated acknowledgement receipt will be sent immediately, and the SAO will follow up with the contributor within five working days.

  3. Social media

    Feedback on the Senate’s social media accounts will be acknowledged within five business days and commenters will be invited to submit their feedback using one of the methods outlined on this page.

  4. Telephone

    Feedback can be provided by leaving a message at 1-888-810-9470. An electronic copy of the message will be sent automatically through email to the SAO. If a callback number is provided, the SAO will return the call within five working days. The SAO will fill out the Accessibility Feedback Form on behalf of the caller while on the phone to allow the information to be tracked and retained more easily.

  5. Regular mail

    Feedback can be submitted using regular mail or by courier to the following address:

    Accessibility Officer
    Senate of Canada
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A4

    The SAO will acknowledge any non-anonymous feedback within 10 working days of receiving it (plus Canada Post standard delivery times).

  6. In person

    Senators and Senate staff who receive feedback on accessibility will share it with the SAO. For non-anonymous feedback, the SAO will follow up with the contributor within five working days of receiving the feedback using the contact information provided.

Feedback analysis and processing

The SAO will review and process the feedback as soon as possible. As needed, the SAO will consult with teams at the Senate, with persons with disabilities and with partner organizations to determine potential solutions.

The Senate aims to remove barriers as quickly as possible. However, timelines to implement a solution will vary depending on its nature.

For non-anonymous feedback, the Senate will keep the contributor informed of steps taken to address the feedback.

Feedback tracking and retention

The Senate will track all feedback, responses and steps taken to address the comments. The following information will be retained for analysis, processing and progress reporting:

  • contact information of the person providing the feedback (for non-anonymous feedback);
  • date of receipt;
  • the type of feedback; and
  • a description of the feedback, including any electronic material.

The Senate will retain a copy of this information in an electronic format for seven years after the publication of the plan or progress report to which the feedback relates.

Questions, comments or feedback regarding accessibility?

The Senate welcomes feedback regarding accessibility at the Senate. You can submit your questions or comments anonymously. However, if you would like for us to reach out to you, please provide your name and email address or phone number.

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