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AEFA - Standing Committee

Foreign Affairs and International Trade


A committee’s issues are the printed edited transcripts, available in both English and French, of the testimony received by the committee. While separate issues are often prepared for each meeting of a committee, at times a number of meetings may be contained in one issue. Also, a single issue will sometimes deal with more than one order of reference.

Its examination of such issues that may arise from time to time relating to foreign relations generally

Bill C-50, An Act to amend certain Acts as a result of the accession of the People's Republic of China to the Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization

Its examination of the emerging political, social, economic and security developments in Russia and Ukraine; Canada's policy and interests in the region; and other related matters

Bill C-35, An Act to amend the Foreign Missions and International Organizations Acti

Bill C-6, An Act to amend the International Boundary Waters Treaty Act

Bill C-32, An Act to implement the Free Trade Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica

Organization meeting

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