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SECD - Standing Committee

National Security, Defence and Veterans Affairs


The Senate Committee on Defence and Security undertakes it work through:

  • Hearings for which transcripts of the testimony are available, and
  • Fact-finding visits to military bases, security establishments and other installations.

Transcripts: (verbatim report of what took place at a meeting)

Copies of the unrevised floor transcript for each meeting are usually available within 24 hours. If you wish to receive a copy of this document, please send an e-mail message and a copy will be sent to you by electronic mail. Please note that this transcript is only available in the language actually used in the meeting. The fully translated and edited copy of the transcript is usually posted on the Committee's website in 3 weeks. If you wish to cite an unrevised transcript, please obtain the consent of the person who spoke.


Issues: (printed edited verbatim report of what took place at a meeting)

A committee's issues are the printed edited transcripts in both English and French of the testimony received by the committee. While separate issues are often prepared for each meeting of a committee, at times a number of meetings may be contained in one issue. The issues are numbered consecutively. As each page in an issue contains the issue number as well as a page number, citations are usually given as 15:21, meaning, issue #15 page 21.

In the previous session (January 29, 2001 to September 16, 2002) the Committee issued the following transcripts and reports of fact-finding visits.


Study on veterans services and benefits, commemorative activities and Veterans Charters

Examination on the need for a national security policy for Canada

Bill C-411, An Act to establish Merchant Navy Veterans Day

Bill C-31, An Act to amend the Pension Act and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act

Bill C-44, An Act to compensate military members injured during service

Bill C-227, An Act respecting a national day of remembrance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

"The Myth of Security at Canada's Airports"

Examination on the proposal of the Valiants Group for the erection of statues in downtown Ottawa to salute the heroic wartime sacrifice of certain valiant men and women who fought victoriously for the independence of Canada during the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and helped mightily to establish Canada's nationhood

"For an Extra $130 Bucks... Update on Canada's Military Financial Crisis, A View from the Bottom Up"

Organizational Meeting


The program of activities in both English and French of each fact-finding visit is available on this website. These programs provide details of the Senators participating in each visit, the nature of the visit, the persons who met the committee as well as the subjects covered during the presentations.

Fact-finding Visits

4. September 21 - 26, 2003

3. March 23 - 28, 2003
* Summary

2. February 26 - 27, 2003

1. January 27 - 31, 2003
* Report

Fact-finding visits From the 37th Parliament, 1st Session (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)

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