CIBA - Current Members

Sabi Marwah Photo


Sabi Marwah
ISG - (Ontario)

Denise Batters Photo

Deputy Chair

Denise Batters
C - (Saskatchewan)

Jim Munson Photo

Deputy Chair

Jim Munson
Non-affiliated - (Ontario - Ottawa / Rideau Canal)

Peter M.,Boehm  Photo

Peter M. Boehm
ISG - (Ontario)

Claude,Carignan  Photo

Claude Carignan
C - (Quebec - Mille Isles)

Pierre J.,Dalphond  Photo

Pierre J. Dalphond
ISG - (Quebec - De Lorimier)

Dennis,Dawson  Photo

Dennis Dawson
Non-affiliated - (Quebec - Lauzon)

Tony,Dean  Photo

Tony Dean
ISG - (Ontario)

Éric,Forest  Photo

Éric Forest
ISG - (Quebec - Gulf)

Elizabeth,Marshall  Photo

Elizabeth Marshall
C - (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Lucie,Moncion  Photo

Lucie Moncion
ISG - (Ontario)

Donald Neil,Plett  Photo

Donald Neil Plett
C - (Manitoba - Landmark)

Raymonde,Saint-Germain  Photo

Raymonde Saint-Germain
ISG - (Quebec - De la Vallière)

Judith G.,Seidman  Photo

Judith G. Seidman
C - (Quebec - De la Durantaye)

David M.,Wells  Photo

David M. Wells
C - (Newfoundland and Labrador)

The following are ex officio members of all committees except for the Standing Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest for Senators and the joint committees:

  • the Leader of the Government (Government Representative) and the Leader of the Opposition or, in the absence of either, their respective Deputy Leaders; and

Pursuant to the Order of the Senate of November 7, 2017:

  • the Legislative Deputy to the Government Representative or the Government Liaison, in the absence of the Government Representative; and
  • the leader or facilitator of any recognized party or recognized parliamentary group or, in their absence, the designated deputy leader or deputy facilitator.

Section 19.1(2) of the Parliament of Canada Act provides that the Standing Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration continues to exist during a period of prorogation or dissolution of Parliament until the members of a successor committee are appointed by the Senate.

Official committee documents related to the period between the dissolution of the 42nd Parliament and the opening of 43rd Parliament, can be found with the 42nd Parliament.