Special Senate Committee on Senate Modernization

MDRN - Current Members

Thomas J. McInnis Photo


Thomas J. McInnis
C - (Nova Scotia)

Serge Joyal Photo

Deputy Chair

Serge Joyal
Lib. - (Quebec - Kennebec)

Diane,Bellemare  Photo

Diane Bellemare
Non-affiliated - (Quebec - Alma)

Tony,Dean  Photo

Tony Dean
Non-affiliated (ISG) - (Ontario)

Renée,Dupuis  Photo

Renée Dupuis
Non-affiliated (ISG) - (Quebec - The Laurentides)

Art,Eggleton  Photo

Art Eggleton
Lib. - (Ontario - Toronto)

Éric,Forest  Photo

Éric Forest
Non-affiliated (ISG) - (Quebec - Gulf)

Linda,Frum  Photo

Linda Frum
C - (Ontario)

Raymonde,Gagné  Photo

Raymonde Gagné
Non-affiliated (ISG) - (Manitoba)

Frances,Lankin  Photo

Frances Lankin
Non-affiliated (ISG) - (Ontario)

Paul J.,Massicotte  Photo

Paul J. Massicotte
Lib. - (Quebec - De Lanaudière)

Elaine,McCoy  Photo

Elaine McCoy
Non-affiliated (ISG) - (Alberta)

Paul E.,McIntyre  Photo

Paul E. McIntyre
C - (New Brunswick)

Carolyn,Stewart Olsen  Photo

Carolyn Stewart Olsen
C - (New Brunswick)

Claudette,Tardif  Photo

Claudette Tardif
Lib. - (Alberta)

David,Tkachuk  Photo

David Tkachuk
C - (Saskatchewan)

David M.,Wells  Photo

David M. Wells
C - (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Peter Harder (or Diane Bellemare) Ex-officio - Non-affiliated

Larry W. Smith (or Yonah Martin) Ex-officio - C

The Leader of the Government and the Leader of the Opposition or, in the absence of either, their respective Deputy Leaders are ex officio members of all committees except the Standing Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest for Senators, the Committee of Selection and the joint committees.