Committee of Selection

SELE - Current Members

Donald Neil Plett Photo


Donald Neil Plett
C - (Manitoba - Landmark)

Joan Fraser Photo

Deputy Chair

Joan Fraser
Lib. - (Quebec - De Lorimier)

Douglas,Black  Photo

Douglas Black
ISG - (Alberta)

Larry W.,Campbell  Photo

Larry W. Campbell
ISG - (British Columbia)

Linda,Frum  Photo

Linda Frum
C - (Ontario)

Yonah,Martin  Photo

Yonah Martin
C - (British Columbia)

Ratna,Omidvar  Photo

Ratna Omidvar
ISG - (Ontario)

André,Pratte  Photo

André Pratte
ISG - (Quebec - De Salaberry)

Claudette,Tardif  Photo

Claudette Tardif
Lib. - (Alberta)

David M.,Wells  Photo

David M. Wells
C - (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Peter Harder (or Diane Bellemare) Ex-officio - Non-affiliated

Larry W. Smith (or Yonah Martin) Ex-officio - C

Pursuant to the motion adopted on December 7, 2016, the Legislative Deputy to the Government Representative (or Government Liaison) and the Leader of the Opposition (or Deputy Leader) are ex officio members of the Committee of Selection.