Special Committee on Illegal Drugs

37th Parliament - 1st Session

Committee Research Papers

- Guiding Principles

The Governance of Human Agency - Background Document -Roderick A. Macdonald

The Contribution of Ethics in Defining Guiding Principles for a Public Drug Policy -Jean-François Malherbe

The Role of Knowledge and Culture in Public Policy on Illegal Drugs -Thomas De Koninck

These papers have been commissioned by the Committee in Fulfillment of its Research Program

An Exploratory Study Among Canadians About the Use of Cannabis  -Leger Marketing

Canada's International Obligations Under the Leading International Conventions on the Control of Narcotic Drugs -Daniel Dupras

Drug Prohibition and the Constitution -David Goetz

Historical and Cultural Uses of Cannabis and The Canadian "Marijuana Clash" -Leah Spicer

Illegal Drug Use and Crime: A Complex Relationship -Lyne Casavant & -Chantal Collin

Illicit Drug Trends in Canada 1980-2001 -Gérald Lafrenière &  -Leah Spicer

Inventory of Federal Research on Illegal Drugs and Related Issues -Diane LeducNancy & -Miller Chenier

Legislative Policy and Two-Sided Crimes: Some elements of a pluridimensional theory of the criminal law  -Alvaro P. Pires

National Drug Policy: Australia -Robin MacKay

National Drug Policy: France -Chantal Collin

National Drug Policy: Sweden -Gérald Lafrenière

National Drug Policy: Switzerland's -Chantal Collin

National Drug Policy: The Netherlands -Benjamin Dolin

National Drug Policy:  United Kingdom -Gérald Lafrenière

National Drug Policy: United States of America -Benjamin Dolin

Physiological and Psychological Effects of Cannabis : Review of the Research Findings -Barbara Buston Wheelock

Police Powers And Drug-Related Offences -Gérald Lafrenière

Reported Incidents, Convictions, Incarceration And Sentencing In Relation To Illegal Drugs In Canada -Gérald Lafrenière

The Costs of Drug Abuse and Drug Policy -Antony G. Jackson & -Economics Division

The History and Development of the Leading International Drug Control Conventions -Jay Sinha

This paper was commissioned by Senator Pierre-Claude Nolin from Diane Riley, PhD.

Drugs and Drug Policy in Canada: A Brief Review & Commentary -Diane Riley

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