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QUESTION PERIOD — Ministry of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs

Illegal Operation of Business on Federal Land

September 22, 2022

Minister, G & R Recycling is operating a dry waste material facility on the federal lands of Kanesatake. This company had its certificate of authorization revoked by the Department of Environment after countless infractions.

In fall 2020, its permit was revoked. In spite of this, the company continues to illegally operate a waste facility on federal lands. Obviously, the local community is appalled. The land is being damaged and altered by the landfilling.

When will you stop the illegal operation of a waste facility on federal land?

Hon. Marc Miller, P.C., M.P., Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations [ - ]

Thank you, senator. As you know, the business is closed, to my knowledge, and is no longer accepting the illegal dumping of waste.

This issue involves several jurisdictions. We have to add the Indigenous jurisdiction to that of Quebec. There are a lot of responsibilities to share in all this, between the federal and provincial governments, and the community itself also has a role to play. I’ve had many delicate discussions that will remain confidential with the band council and the Government of Quebec. However, with the provincial election, these discussions with the Government of Quebec have been suspended.

This situation is quite distressing to the people who live in the region, especially the people of Kanesatake.

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