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Port of Montreal

February 6, 2024

Leader, crime has been on the rise for years, and the Trudeau government has finally come up with a solution, namely, a summit, a smokescreen, just as it did for the increasing prices of groceries and housing. Senator Gold, I’m going to save you some time — no need for hours of blah, blah, blah. Everyone knows that vehicles are being stolen and that they leave the country through the Port of Montreal. Who is responsible for the port? It’s the federal government, your government, Senator Gold. My question is simple: When are you going to step up security at the port and start inspecting containers before they leave?

Hon. Marc Gold (Government Representative in the Senate) [ - ]

Thank you for the question. You’re right. The Port of Montreal and ports in general are key locations for organized crime. You’re also aware, senator, that there are thousands and thousands of containers going in and out. It’s impossible for any government or individual to open all the containers. That would be a nightmare for our economy. That said, the reason the government wants to bring together key players from all sectors, including those responsible for borders and ports, is to develop a strong, coordinated approach to dealing with this issue.

Leader, Canada Border Services Agency employees have been telling us for years that there are fewer and fewer front-line staff and that too many officers are busy with administrative tasks. I’m not even talking about the RCMP, which is increasingly absent on this front. Fentanyl and guns enter the country, no problem, and vehicles exit just as easily. Senator Gold, when will your government give the CBSA and the RCMP the tools to do their job?

Senator Gold [ - ]

Perhaps you missed my answer earlier, so I will repeat it now. Your government cut over 1,000 jobs and was in the process of cutting 400 more. This government has restored every job that was cut and has added new ones. The government will continue to provide the resources and police forces needed to do the job.

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