Donald Neil Plett

Senator Donald Neil Plett

Whether I am fighting for the protection of children, fairness for Canadian tradespersons and farmers, the promotion of religious freedom, or improving the democratic process, every time I step into the Red Chamber, I am honoured to carry the responsibility of serving my community.


Don Plett has dedicated much of his life to community service in his home province of Manitoba. As a Red River College alumnus, Senator Plett served on the Board of Governors of the College. An active sports enthusiast, he has coached and played hockey, basketball, and golf and was President of the Landmark Minor Hockey Association. Senator Plett also served as President of the Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Village Council, and Chair of the local Utilities Board. Throughout the years, he has maintained an active interest in politics, including serving as the President of the Conservative Party of Canada. He remains the longest serving president of a conservative party in Canadian history. Senator Plett and his wife Betty have four sons and twelve grandchildren.

Senator Plett was appointed to the Senate August 27, 2009 on the advice of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

Senator Plett is known for taking a strong stance on issues that he is passionate about, some of which include: the protection of children, supporting Canadian farmers, religious freedom, free speech, fair democratic processes, and issues facing the trades and construction industry. Senator Plett also frequently contributes to discussions surrounding Senate reform, both in an out of the red chamber.

In December 2015, Senator Plett became part of the Senate Conservative leadership team, when he was named Opposition Whip in the Senate.

In November 2019, Senator Plett was elected Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. 

Committee Membership

The following are ex officio members of all committees except for the Standing Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest for Senators and the joint committees:

  • the Leader of the Government (Government Representative) and the Leader of the Opposition or, in the absence of either, their respective Deputy Leaders; and

Pursuant to the Order of the Senate of November 7, 2017:

  • the Legislative Deputy to the Government Representative or the Government Liaison, in the absence of the Government Representative; and
  • the leader or facilitator of any recognized party or recognized parliamentary group or, in their absence, the designated deputy leader or deputy facilitator.